Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Caption contest 1

OK, drawing an idea from some fellow bloggers, I have decided to post a new picture of John Kerry each week until 11/2 (beginning on a Tuesday and ending on a Tuesday, great timing dontcha think) and on 11/2 (when Bush is re-ELECTED) the best caption of all of them will be posted for all the world to see. This being the first of 7 contests, I will start, but I've never been too good a "witty captions", so I'm sure I won't be the best (and how would it look to pick one of my own comments as best, right). So have fun and good luck.

Bush Memo Story A 'Mistake'

OK, it appears that we have put enough pressure (so far) on C-BS to make them admit a little more. In a recent article on their website, they called the story a "mistake", but did not say that the memos in question are fake and therefore the story was a complete lie. Rather is quoted as saying he "feels like hell", and if I were in his place, I would to. There is a line from the movie Backdraft where Billy Baldin's character asks a question of a City official "You see that flash of light in the corner of your eye? That's your career dissipation light. It just went into high gear", and I think someone needs to say this to Danny Boy. Below you will see a few links to this story and a few other stories on C-BS' website.

YES YES YES! Finally somone said what we all want to!

OK, why is it that when this comes from AlGore it's "patriotism" and "justified anger" but when it comes from a conservative, that person is a "raving weirdo" or just "ranting without thinking"? I cannot stand the state of affairs today, when being "pc" doesn't mean trying not to offend anyone, but in reality it means you have to agree with the DNC. Well, I don't. I don't care where you were born (and raised if that's the case), if you live here/work here, and want to stay here legally, you are an AMERICAN no hyphens, no pre-fixes, just AMERICAN, so ACT LIKE IT! Lesson one - Learn the language, I'll give more lessons if I need to.


Why is it that when stuff like THIS happens, we don't hear about it, but let a conservative pastor preach that homosexuality is a SIN (BTW, I agree with that thinking, homosexuality is a SIN, and that includes being "bi") and he is immediately denounced as "supressing" a groups freedom, or "repressing" freedom of speech. Well, you know what, if you don't like what a speaker is saying, LEAVE! This is a FREE country, and you are not FORCED to do anything. For those that claim we are "criminals" because of Iraq, look at how many schools are now open (with teachers earning more and girls attending for the first time), how many hospitals are open (with doctors earning more), how many banks are open (and making loans to small businesses), and so on......and tell me that we are only there for the oil. Well, you know what, you can say that all you want, but I have the same rights as you. I was born here (TEXAS, USA) 27 years ago, and when you start speaking your mind, I will do the same, and I have the right to stand RIGHT BESIDE YOU and speak my mind, and you know what, you can't stop me. I will not stand idle while people living under the blanket of freedom (provided by men years ago who were willing to DIE for it, and protected to this day by men of the same caliber by men willing to DIE for that blanket of freedom) call those HEROES and PATRIOTS "criminals" and "killers". Does the military kill people, ONLY when we have to. Did we kill terrorists in the search for Al-Queda (and are we still searching) yes, but can you HONESTLY say that if someone came in to your home and was going to kill you and your family that you would not take their life to protect yours and your family's lives? I know I would. I have a sign (AND IT IS A JOKE) that says my home is guarded by shotgun 3 nights per week (you guess which three) and that I am insured by Smith and Wesson. While these signs are jokes, if you come in to my home seeking to do harm to me and/or my family, you better be able to dodge buckshot from point blank range, as I will protect my home and my family. If all you want are the material possessions, I'm sorry, I will hold you at gun point until the cops arrive. For those who are only "driven" to life of crime due to loss of work, I'm sorry if I seem insensitive, but the Red Cross, Salvation Army, and many other WONDERFUL organizations are out there willing to help you with food, shelter, clothing, and also help you learn to interview and will write a resume for you to help you GET ANOTHER JOB! I hate that people are unemployed who REALLY want to work, but there are MANY MORE out there who are unemployed, who simply want a hand out. Why are we not seeing that the picture of unemployment is being "spun"? While there are MANY people who want to work and simply are having problems finding a job, there are MANY MORE who simply don't want to work, and think we (IE - taxpayers) should support them.

Let foreign-born seek White House?

OK, while I feel that this idea has some merit, it also has some potential problems. Just how many "charismatic" and "intelligent" people are out there that could become a citizen and then run for President that would not have our best interests at heart. While I would vote for "Ahnold", I feel there needs to be more to this than just setting a "time limit" on how long one must be a citizen before running. Also, we now have the "Governator", but what would we call him as President? I'm at a loss and I am accepting ideas for the posters. Also, if this does pass and he runs, whoever has the best idea for his new slogan will get a free t-shirt or polo from me with that very slogan on it (or you can request a mousepad, koozie, clock, or coaster if you wish).

Ted Kennedy's anti-American slander

OK, the first question that comes to mind is this, HOW DOES HE KEEP GETTING ELECTED? Ted Kennedy is a drinking, swearing, liberal JERK! The bumper-sticker that is sold in gun stores saying "Ted Kennedy's car has killed more people than my gun" is true in the case of most gun owners. Contrary to popular belief, the law-abiding citizen does not seek to own any fire-arm for use against humans. Yes, people hunt (but we were born with teeth for eating meat, and some like to hunt and kill their own in stead of going to Kroger), and some target shoot, but check this out. Did you realize that the criminal element in America is NOT buying it's guns legally? I know, it's a shock.

Now, back to Teddy boy. These remarks would not be tolerated from a Conservative if referring to a Democrat President. The entire left wing would be SCREAMING for charges of treason, slander, and the like to be brought against that person, but let a liberal say something like that about a Republican President, and what happens, NOTHING! Funny, I thought it was the "right wing wacko" who suppressed freedom of speech, but Ted wasn't suppressed was he?

Iran is not peaceful, say it ain't so?

And for those that didn't get that, it was SARCASM! Iran has long been an enemy to our way of life and our belief that ALL MEN are created equal and have the RIGHT to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Now, with the UN still trying to "talk them down" from nuclear pursuits, what is our next move? You know (my next comment is in jest, but I won't be surprised when I am attacked for it), two words come to my mind, CARPET BOMBING, but let's see if we can find another way first, and if not, then we have a new parking lot

Ex-Guardsman: I Contacted Kerry Campaign

OK, I've said it before, and it appears I'll be saying it again now and more between now and 11/2. Any time someone has a PERSONAL grudge against someone, any "evidence" brought by them against the person they have a grudge with, should be considered TAINTED until proven otherwise, not considered AUTHENTIC and TRUTHFUL until proven tainted. Also, a question about consequences. Should Burkett or his lawyer (Van Os) or both be implicated in this as a "conspiracy" to comitt fraud (IE - FORGING GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS) and thereby to influence a Presidential election, what then? Will they be tried for the FELONY they committed? Probably not, and that is the problem. If one or both of them is found to be the one (and I mean that we will know 100% FOR CERTAIN it was one or both of them) who created these documents and sent them to C-BS, they need to be tried and convicted. If the DNC (up to and including the Kerry campaign staff) knew, and did nothing, they are all guilty too. That would be reason to impeach a President and select his replacement (in this case, GW), but you know none of that will happen, now don't you.

Parallels Drawn Between CBS Memos, Texan's Postings

OK, let me say it AGAIN! Ben Barnes was NOT Lt. Gov when Bush entered the Guard. The letter to George HW Bush about his son was NOT preferential treatment, but at the very most (and this is a HUGE stretch) was an Air Force commander trying to curry favor, but most likely (as AF officers DON'T do that) was just an officer who knew who Bush's father was/is and felt he would like to know his son was doing well. Burkett has made claims of "dirty tricks" is simply a smoke screen to draw attention away from the Dem's "dirty tricks". This year has to be one of the DIRTYEST elections I have been a part of or even can remember from my life or my history studies, and that is saying something. When did electing the President become reason to ATTACK someone who is voting for your candidate's opposition? When did it become a world where someone who is voting against your candidate is no longer your neighbor who disagrees with your choice of candidate, but in stead they are "your enemy"? Do you not realize that this is PRECISELY what the terrorists want, or the socialist movement in America, or the anarchist movement here? They want this election to be such a problem for us that either the socialists, anarchists, theologists, or any other sect here can say the government isn't working and try to change it for the worse. Or, even more scary, they want this to be such a problem that another attack won't be noticed until it's TOO LATE!

I'll tell you what some people here want.

Socialism (but with all the government hand-outs, and police protection, but no "interference" from the government) - WON'T HAPPEN, socialism is not going to work, and if it is ever used anywhere on the globe again, it will be cold-war Russia all over again.

Anarchism - I don't even know where to start - some people just want to get rid of the national government and let states govern themselves (won't change anything, we'll just have problems with state elections in stead of national ones) and there are some who want all laws and all rules abolished, meaning they can walk the street throwing pipe bombs in your yard and not be arrested (but in fairness, you can snipe them from 200 yards away) - do you want that either?

Differences in Documents

OK, like other posts here, I'm not going to ramble on and on about this. I'll just make a few points then leave it to you.

1. The military (and YES the Natl. Guard IS part of the military) does not allow it's members to format memos any way they choose.
2. There is no such thing as "FAKE, but accurate"
3. The ONE point here is the signature line, those are NEVER deviated from, and viewing the signature from the req. for discharge vs the C-BS memo, aside from
any other "problem" with it, C-BS's MEMOS ARE FAKE! Therefore, they are totally IN-ACCURATE!