Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Let foreign-born seek White House?

OK, while I feel that this idea has some merit, it also has some potential problems. Just how many "charismatic" and "intelligent" people are out there that could become a citizen and then run for President that would not have our best interests at heart. While I would vote for "Ahnold", I feel there needs to be more to this than just setting a "time limit" on how long one must be a citizen before running. Also, we now have the "Governator", but what would we call him as President? I'm at a loss and I am accepting ideas for the posters. Also, if this does pass and he runs, whoever has the best idea for his new slogan will get a free t-shirt or polo from me with that very slogan on it (or you can request a mousepad, koozie, clock, or coaster if you wish).

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