Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ex-Guardsman: I Contacted Kerry Campaign

OK, I've said it before, and it appears I'll be saying it again now and more between now and 11/2. Any time someone has a PERSONAL grudge against someone, any "evidence" brought by them against the person they have a grudge with, should be considered TAINTED until proven otherwise, not considered AUTHENTIC and TRUTHFUL until proven tainted. Also, a question about consequences. Should Burkett or his lawyer (Van Os) or both be implicated in this as a "conspiracy" to comitt fraud (IE - FORGING GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS) and thereby to influence a Presidential election, what then? Will they be tried for the FELONY they committed? Probably not, and that is the problem. If one or both of them is found to be the one (and I mean that we will know 100% FOR CERTAIN it was one or both of them) who created these documents and sent them to C-BS, they need to be tried and convicted. If the DNC (up to and including the Kerry campaign staff) knew, and did nothing, they are all guilty too. That would be reason to impeach a President and select his replacement (in this case, GW), but you know none of that will happen, now don't you.

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