Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Why is it that when stuff like THIS happens, we don't hear about it, but let a conservative pastor preach that homosexuality is a SIN (BTW, I agree with that thinking, homosexuality is a SIN, and that includes being "bi") and he is immediately denounced as "supressing" a groups freedom, or "repressing" freedom of speech. Well, you know what, if you don't like what a speaker is saying, LEAVE! This is a FREE country, and you are not FORCED to do anything. For those that claim we are "criminals" because of Iraq, look at how many schools are now open (with teachers earning more and girls attending for the first time), how many hospitals are open (with doctors earning more), how many banks are open (and making loans to small businesses), and so on......and tell me that we are only there for the oil. Well, you know what, you can say that all you want, but I have the same rights as you. I was born here (TEXAS, USA) 27 years ago, and when you start speaking your mind, I will do the same, and I have the right to stand RIGHT BESIDE YOU and speak my mind, and you know what, you can't stop me. I will not stand idle while people living under the blanket of freedom (provided by men years ago who were willing to DIE for it, and protected to this day by men of the same caliber by men willing to DIE for that blanket of freedom) call those HEROES and PATRIOTS "criminals" and "killers". Does the military kill people, ONLY when we have to. Did we kill terrorists in the search for Al-Queda (and are we still searching) yes, but can you HONESTLY say that if someone came in to your home and was going to kill you and your family that you would not take their life to protect yours and your family's lives? I know I would. I have a sign (AND IT IS A JOKE) that says my home is guarded by shotgun 3 nights per week (you guess which three) and that I am insured by Smith and Wesson. While these signs are jokes, if you come in to my home seeking to do harm to me and/or my family, you better be able to dodge buckshot from point blank range, as I will protect my home and my family. If all you want are the material possessions, I'm sorry, I will hold you at gun point until the cops arrive. For those who are only "driven" to life of crime due to loss of work, I'm sorry if I seem insensitive, but the Red Cross, Salvation Army, and many other WONDERFUL organizations are out there willing to help you with food, shelter, clothing, and also help you learn to interview and will write a resume for you to help you GET ANOTHER JOB! I hate that people are unemployed who REALLY want to work, but there are MANY MORE out there who are unemployed, who simply want a hand out. Why are we not seeing that the picture of unemployment is being "spun"? While there are MANY people who want to work and simply are having problems finding a job, there are MANY MORE who simply don't want to work, and think we (IE - taxpayers) should support them.

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