Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Parallels Drawn Between CBS Memos, Texan's Postings

OK, let me say it AGAIN! Ben Barnes was NOT Lt. Gov when Bush entered the Guard. The letter to George HW Bush about his son was NOT preferential treatment, but at the very most (and this is a HUGE stretch) was an Air Force commander trying to curry favor, but most likely (as AF officers DON'T do that) was just an officer who knew who Bush's father was/is and felt he would like to know his son was doing well. Burkett has made claims of "dirty tricks" is simply a smoke screen to draw attention away from the Dem's "dirty tricks". This year has to be one of the DIRTYEST elections I have been a part of or even can remember from my life or my history studies, and that is saying something. When did electing the President become reason to ATTACK someone who is voting for your candidate's opposition? When did it become a world where someone who is voting against your candidate is no longer your neighbor who disagrees with your choice of candidate, but in stead they are "your enemy"? Do you not realize that this is PRECISELY what the terrorists want, or the socialist movement in America, or the anarchist movement here? They want this election to be such a problem for us that either the socialists, anarchists, theologists, or any other sect here can say the government isn't working and try to change it for the worse. Or, even more scary, they want this to be such a problem that another attack won't be noticed until it's TOO LATE!

I'll tell you what some people here want.

Socialism (but with all the government hand-outs, and police protection, but no "interference" from the government) - WON'T HAPPEN, socialism is not going to work, and if it is ever used anywhere on the globe again, it will be cold-war Russia all over again.

Anarchism - I don't even know where to start - some people just want to get rid of the national government and let states govern themselves (won't change anything, we'll just have problems with state elections in stead of national ones) and there are some who want all laws and all rules abolished, meaning they can walk the street throwing pipe bombs in your yard and not be arrested (but in fairness, you can snipe them from 200 yards away) - do you want that either?

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